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From building race spec motors to easy to install lift kits or exhaust systems, we have it for your HiSUN 

UPDATES 03/08/2019

We now stock the HIGH RATIO transmission kits in our store. Get your HISUN up to 50mph!

Hello to all. We have been working hard on our performance clutch kits and other performance related parts for the past year and are now ready to reveal the parts to you. Instead of selling them here, I am listing the information below so you can search for the best possible price online. I will still sell the hard to get stuff in my store. 

We are also proud to announce that we are now an authorized HISUN service center. We can rebuild your engine to OEM specs or build a race motor. Just send in your engine and we can build it to your needs. We are also able to install the pre-2016 faster transmissions. 



This video will walk you through the process of tear down and rebuilding your 250 engine. 

Look in video page for more videos to help you. 

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Please take a moment to visit our good friends at Motorcycle Doctor. They have a huge inventory of OEM HiSUN parts and shipping is always fast. 

Just mention that I sent you and you'll get a great price and GREAT customer service.  Click on image to link to their website.


Some HiSUN information

For some of you who don't know, HiSUN is a major manufacture of parts for other big name brand units. It's probably a good bet you have been riding on something made by HiSUN and didn't even know it. That is why it shares the same parts and looks as other big name brands. 

They have been involved in the ATV and UTV manufacturing for many years and a few years ago started their own brand. Using the same skills building parts for other big name brands, they have brought us some real fun for a great price. HiSUN has grown in sales over 199% in the last few years. 

So please don't think this is just another cheap knock off, if you've been riding off road ATV and UTV, you've probably been riding something made by HiSUN all along. It just needs a little tweeking here and there. Bang for buck, it's hard to beat HiSUN. 


Knowledge Base

Being a factory trained mechanic and an ASE master mechanic, I can help walk you through any issue you may have regarding the HiSUN UTVs. from  suspension bushings, to clutch roller weights.  Rear swing arm bushings, Upgrading the OEM chain, upgrading the OEM seat belts, adjusting the shift linkage, installing relays for lighting, upgrading the lights with brighter ones front and rear with LED's, or finding out how to get your newer 250 going as fast as the older ones and more...


Computer designed parts

No one was making aftermarket performance products, so I designed and fabricated my own. From lift kits to exhaust and more. We do all our designing and prototyping in house. From CAD design, 3D printing and prototyping to save time and get to production quickly




I found no aftermarket exhaust systems available, I have been testing three different styles of exhaust. I have finally gotten the system that works the best I feel.   Available now in the store section



We manufacture our own lift kits in-house. Laser cut and powder coated for protection. These high quality 2" lift kits help clear those objects when the kids are having fun. 



I was tired of the OEM allen bolts filling with dirt and mud, stripping out or just poor fitting. So I put together a bolt kits to not only work great, but look so much better. No more rust as well. Check then out in the store



 We have wheel spacers with 2" for sale in stock now.  Billet 7071 alloy, coated, and allow great cornering stability when going fast. 



I understand the limits of the electrical system and installed relays with them tied into the ignition switch so they will not draw down the battery when the UTV is not in use. I also installed a switch panel. rugged, fused, universal mount, waterproof, and easy to install. 

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My offerings

I am here to provide advice, assistance and any other help I can to those who purchased UTVs such as Hisun, Bennche, Massimo and more who share some of the same parts. 

Helpful sites

Here is a list of helpful sites that provide additional help to reach out to others out there with HiSUN 250 UTVs

For parts:

I ride what I design and install

I use my equipment hard, and everything I design I overbuild. I design things to last. 

Computer Designed Parts

I have designed all of my parts on computer. My lift kits were laser cut and powder coated to last. 


I have found a lot of the problems already and can walk you through them to fix or repair them with ease. From broken fuel tank vents, to replacing the CV belts I have done it and have the knowledge base.We know the hisun utv inside and out, great kids and adult units. just like a kids atvs, and atvs and more, we have the knowledge. hisun strike 250 parts

Lighting upgrades

I know the electrical diagram and can walk you through easy wiring. 

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