ECU Tuning Information

Additional Information

I wanted to thank everyone who has been waiting for the Performance Tune on their Strike 250. This work is not an easy one, even for those who have done ECU tuning in the past. It requires lots of testing and dyno rental. We are also working on other projects such as long arm suspension and more, this adds to our work load and resources. 


When this tune is ready, we will have it as an exchange program. You will send in your ECU for us to reflash/map and then we will send it back. We are working on having ECU's here that you can purchase outright in order to keep your stock ECU with the OEM map. 

We have just been swamped with request from customers as well as working closely with HiSUN on some other items, and we hope to have everything available as soon as possible. 

If you have any questions, please contact us. 

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